Firebox Stove Titanium Boil Plate 5"

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127mm Firebox Titanium Boil Plate ONLY

The Firebox Titanium Boil Plate clips securely onto the top of the 127mm (5") Firebox G2 Stove, converting it into an efficient boiling system for the great outdoors.

This boil plate can be used with a 1 litre (40oz) stainless steel water bottles (example: Klean Kanteen), or any of the stainless steel or titanium space saver cups which fit over the end of a 907g (32oz) water bottle.

The Boil Plate boxes in the burn chamber concentrating heat around the cookware, allowing you to boil or cook with a very small fire using very little fuel.

Does NOT come with bottle, pot or stove.

  • Can be used with 1L stainless steel water bottles
  • Works well with stainless steel or titanium cups
  • Concentrated heat for boiling or cooking allows the use of very little fuel
  • Dimensions : 127mm x 127mm
  • Boil Plate Hole Diameter : 98mm
  • Weight : 31g
  • Material : Titanium
  • Manufacturer Number : 5TIBOIL
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