Spider & Snake Bite Kits

Stay Safe and Prepared: Premium Snake and Spider Bite Kits for Aussie Adventurers

With over 170 snake species and a staggering 2,000 types of spiders, being prepared is not just a choice but a necessity for outdoor adventurers in Australia. Especially considering that 100 snakes and at least 6 spider varieties pose a significant threat to humans. Keep yourself prepared for outdoor emergencies with Survival Supplies Australia’s snake and spider bite kits. 

Our range of snake bite kits and snake bite first aid kits contain treatment leaflets, bandages, and dressing materials to provide immediate and effective first aid in the crucial moments following a venomous bite. For those encountering creepy crawlies, our first aid spider bite solutions offer immediate relief in outdoor spider bite incidents. Compact, durable, and easy to use, our Snake & Spider Bite First Aid Kits are indispensable for your safety and well-being when camping, hiking, and exploring outdoors.

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