Tornado Survival Guide

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The Tornado Guide is a practical waterproof guide that will help you sort out what you can do to survive a Tornado. It covers sections on How to prepare for a Tornado, Know the signs of a Tornado, What to expect before a Tornado is about to strike. It discusses system failures such as Power failure, Water failure, and Gas failure and how they will affect you.It also discusses personal risks that you and your family may face such as: Injury, Looting/Theft, Isolation and restricted movement.It assists you to make an Action Plan, how to practice and train for an appropriate response for you and your family in the event a Tornado strikes your neighbourhood. This guide also teaches you how to prepare a personal survival kit for you and your family and discusses your basic needs such as: water and food, tools, communications, personal supplies, paperwork and security. It takes into account how to help people with disabilities, and help for caring for pets. It discusses what to do if you are indoors, in a trailer or mobile home, in a vehicle or outdoors. It discusses how to assess the situation after a tornado passes and general safety considerations. How to turn off utilities and many other vital subjects that can save your life if you ever are faced with a Tornado event bearing down on you/.
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