Tactical Military Survival Kit

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Evade & Escape Tactical Military Survival Kit

The Tactical Survival Kit represents good value for money in a comprehensive yet compact kit. This kit has all the components necessary to address all your water purification , shelter, fire building, wound trauma, and navigation needs to increase your chances of surviving in wild and hostile conditions. This kit can give you the edge when your survival depends upon it. This kit fits squarely in the service uniform thigh pocket or cargo pocket so that it can be carried on the person at all times, independent of their other tactical equipment, (which may be lost or abandoned in certain situations) The most economically priced kit in the Escape and Evade series, yet comprehensively designed to address water purification, shelter, fire building, wound trauma, and navigation to dramatically increase the service members survival metrics.

For a look into the contents of this survival kit please see the attached Tactical Military Survival Kit Components List for a comprehensive list of items included in this kit.
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 6cm
  • Carry Pouch Colour: Tactical Subdued Earth
  • Carry Pouch Material: 31g Silicone Impregnated RipStop Nylon
  • 2.5cm Latch Hook
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 396g
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