Survive! - Les Stroud Paperback

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From the sun-scorched sands of the Kalahari to the snake infested jungles of the Amazon, Les Stroud has made a life of surviving in the harshest and most remote regions on Earth. Now, the creator and producer and host of the hit television program Survivorman transfers his decades of knowledge and experience to the pages of Survive, a practical guide that gives everyday readers a no-nonsense look at the real world of survival. Stroud offers readers the essential skills and tactics necessary to endure in any corner of the globe, along with a wealth of insider information born of his own experiences in the outdoors and unavailable in any other book. Readers will learn: How to make a survival shelter and why a lean-to is largely a waste of time. Why survival kits are important, and why you should make your own. Where to find water and why drinking contaminated water is sometimes warranted. How to locate and trap small animals and why the notion of tracking and hunting large game is largely a pipe dream. Whether seasoned in the outdoor arts or new to adventuring, all readers will learn something from Survive! Stroud's many colourful anecdotes and cut-to-the-chase philosophy not only make for an entertaining read, but also enhance anyone's ability to focus on the main goal when everything else has gone wrong - survival.
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