UST Micro Jet Scream Floating Whistle - Orange

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UST Micro Survival Series - JetScream Floating Whistle with Ring

The UST JetScream Micro Floating Whistle is a compact wilderness signaling device emitting a piercing 112dB shriek, easily heard over natural and man-made noises. It's perfect for keyrings, backpacks, and personal flotation devices. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, it's waterproof, buoyant, and free from freezing, clogging, or rusting, maintaining effectiveness even when wet.

Key Features :

  • Compact and flat design for wilderness emergencies
  • Durable, waterproof, and buoyant ABS plastic construction
  • Pea-less design ensures it won't freeze, clog, or rust
  • Remains effective in all weather conditions
  • Loud 112dB output
  • Ideal for keyrings, backpacks, personal flotation devices, and more
  • Dimensions : 30mm x 25mm x 6mm
  • Weight 3g
  • Output : 112dB
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