Readyman Survivor Sling

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Readyman Survivor Sling

Taking the traditional Shepherd’s Sling, Readyman presents its updated Survivor Sling, which features trusted 550 paracord.

Then, in an innovative move, they took the paracord and added three survival strands to it including a single transparent, 11kg (25lbs) test, high-strength mono-filament fishing line; waxed jute that is waterproof twisted fibre strands that are designed to quickly start fires in an emergency; and their proprietary copper-alloy that is multi-functional and perfect for snares when doubled up.

Can you believe they packed all of that into one cord?

For a majority of users it’s a fun hobby that allows throwing of all sorts of projectiles very long distances but a skilled sling user can throw a projectile well over a thousand feet and easily kill small to medium size game with a well-aimed shot.

It comes with a simple yet innovative carrying device to keep the cords tangle free and ready for rapid deployment.
  • Length: Approx 1.4m
  • Material: 550 Paracord and Ballistic Nylon Webbing
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