Readyman Fisherman's Survival Card

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Fisherman's Survival Card by Readyman

Constructed from 0.65mm stainless steel, this handy pocket sized Fisherman's Survival card is slightly stronger than the Readyman Wilderness Survival Card and is designed to fit inside your wallet.

The size of a credit card, this tool can be stored in your wallet, go bag, purse or pocket until the need for it arises. Keep one handy and you'll never be without food in a survival situation.

Made in the USA.
Card includes :
10 x fish hooks, 5 x fishing lures, 1 x saw, 1 x fish scaler, 3 x double hooks, 1 x quad hook, 1 x treble hook.
Weight : 12g
Measures : 5cm x 9cm
Material : 301 Stainless Steel
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