NIV Waterproof Bible - Camouflage

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NIV Waterproof Bible with Camouflage Cover

Carry the entirety of the Old and New Testament with you wherever you go with this Waterproof Bible, Camouflage version, that is designed to “stand the test of time” for those who live active outdoor lifestyles. Crafted with exceptionally durable synthetic pages securely sewn and glued into the spine, this Bible offers worry-free companionship on all your adventures. Its stain-resistant pages ensure longevity, while the ultra-clear text enhances readability in any environment. Perfect for stowing in your go bag or backpack, this waterproof Bible boasts features like dry highlighting, allowing you to mark passages without smudging or bleeding through the pages. Additionally, you can write and underline with a pencil or ballpoint pen, leaving your personal notes and reflections without fear of damage. The Waterproof Bible is designed to FLOAT which means your Bible will always remain accessible. Keep one in your caravan, car, bug out bag or bushcraft bag to keep you going through life's challenges.

  • Dimensions: 14.9cm x 22.2cm
  • Weight 794g
  • Cover: Camouflage
  • NIV 2011 text,
  • Number of Pages: 708 Pages
  • Font Size: 8 pt Font
  • Material: 100% Waterproof Synthetic Paper, Ink, Glue, and Thread
  • Waterproof
  • Bouyant (Floats)
  • ISBN: 9781609690045
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