Morakniv Robust Knife

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The Morakniv Robust is the handicraft knife that has managed to persuade survival enthusiasts to take it out into the forest. They see that as the highest possible praise.

It’s the combination of the extra thick blade made of carefully selected carbon steel and the shock resistant handle that makes it so attractive. As the name suggests, this is simply a really robust knife that suits most tasks; for building, in the tool room, in the boathouse, on the motorbike, in your rucksack or on a hike.

It has a rubber handle so it’s easy to use even in cold and damp environments. Additionally, the ergonomic, TPE rubber handle gives optimal friction, while its barrel shape means the knife always sits comfortably in your hand. Remember that carbon steel can be affected by moisture and corrosive environments. So make a habit of wiping the knife and oiling the blade after usage.

This knife is designed and intended for Scandinavian construction workers. Morakniv's priority was a sharp and durable edge with a good grip, which means that the look of the spine isn’t a high priority feature. You are more than welcome to use the Morakniv knives for your intended needs, but keep in mind that the spine will be “raw” (not grinded) on most craftsmen and construction knives. Therefore, it’s not compatible with a fire starter.
  • Total Length : 206mm
  • Blade length : 91mm
  • Blade thickness : 3.2mm
  • Blade Material : Carbon steel Steel grade C100
  • Blade Hardness : 59-60 HRC
  • Grip: ABS Sheath Plastic
  • Weight : 135g
  • Colours: Grip Grey / Black Sheath Black
  • Packaged without a box
  • Warranty : Manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in Sweden
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