Medical and Survival Latex Tubing 1m

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1m Survival and Medical Latex Tubing

This Latex (rubber) tubing is much like duct tape in that both have more uses than we can list. Rubber tubing can be used for building a shelter, fashioning weapons, emergency medical, signalling devices, food and water gathering and much more.

This is the same stuff you see paramedics and emergency physicians carry around, just in case. This is also the same Medical Latex Tubing the U.S. Government request to include in their kits.

In short this tubing is versatile, very durable, and invaluable when you need it. This medical latex tubing is much stronger and more durable than most. It's dimensions are 6.35mm (total thickness 9.52mm inner dimension x 1.59mm inner wall). This stuff is so durable we have stretched it to numerous times its length without breakage.

Best of all, it is impervious to liquid and other elements and retains its shape. It is included in Rapid Reaction-Special Forces Survival Kits and other specialist operatives emergency kits. Outstanding multi-purpose material that every serious survivalist should carry.

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