Krav Maga Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault

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Krav Maga How To Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault

Krav Maga is the original Israeli System of Self-Defence and Practical Fighting Skills. “How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault” shows you the moves step by step with photos and easy instructions. Krav Maga is today's cutting edge self defence and hand to hand combat system. It has international recognition from experts in Martial Arts and combat instructors as an innovative, effective, and highly practical self-defence and fighting method. Initially developed for the Israel Defence Forces and other national security services.

Krav Maga has been thoroughly adapted to meet civilian needs. The method was designed so that ordinary citizens, young and old, men and women alike can successfully use it, regardless of their physical strength. The easily acquired natural techniques, due to modern and sophisticated training methods, combined with logically structured defence tactics, form a self-defence system characterised by simplicity; this is in fact the true secret of Krav Maga's effectiveness. The volatile Israeli reality gave the Krav Maga School ample opportunity to be tested in real-life situations more fierce than ordinary street fighting, allowing it to be improved upon and refined accordingly.

This is a very comprehensive manual and a must for anyone wanting to be able to handle themselves against any sized attacker with or without weapons.

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  • Number Of Pages: 256
  • Published: 17th May 2001
  • Country of Publication: IL
  • ISBN: 9789657178003
  • ISBN-10: 9657178002
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