Hultafors Fire Steel FS

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The Hultafors Ferrocerium Fire Steel

The Hultafors Fire Steel is a long and extra thick fire steel for better function and ergonomics resulting in better efficiency. 100mm in length and a diameter of 10mm for a fire steel easy to use in any weather. The sparks generated reach approximately 3000°C.

To be used against the spine of Hultafors Outdoor Knives (OK1 and OK4), whose holsters come with fire steel holders.
  • The fire steel is easy to hold and the strap provides extra grip
  • The elastic strap makes it easy to secure in the Hultafors fire steel holder
  • Almost impossible to wear out. Good for thousands of strikes
  • Both ends of the fire steel can be struck - more sparks for the money
  • Weight : 58g
  • Dimensions : 100mm long x 10mm diameter
  • Material : Ferrocerium
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