Fish and Fire Kit

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12 Survivors Fish & Fire Survival Kit

When you're out in the wild, survival skills are paramount. 12 Survivors Fish and Fire Survival Kit equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to secure food and warmth.

Comprehensive Survival Gear: This kit includes a fire starter, fishing gear, and more, all neatly packed in a compact, easy-to-carry case.

Essential for Emergencies: Whether you're camping, hiking, or preparing for unexpected situations, this kit ensures you're ready for anything.

Peace of Mind: With the 12 Survivors Fish and Fire Survival Kit, you'll have the confidence to tackle wilderness challenges, knowing you can provide for yourself.

Outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and preppers alike will find this kit invaluable. Don't leave your survival to chance; equip yourself with the 12 Survivors Fish and Fire Survival Kit.

The whole kit is wrapped inside a paracord keychain. Very useful in an emergency or survival situation.

Kit Includes :

  • 2.1m of 7 strand paracord
  • 2 x weights
  • 2 x swivels
  • 2 x floats
  • 2 x fishing hooks
  • 1 x alcohol pad
  • flint rod and tinder
  • knife blade
  • tin foil
  • 10 metres of fishing line
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