ESEE Compass Cards

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The ESEE Compass Cards were designed by Randall’s Adventure & Training for use with a map and compass. The Compass Cards includes 4 clear map scale cards and 3 white information cards attached together and ideally set up for a keychain.

Since 1997 Randall's Adventure Training has developed and searched for survival gear that works. Whether it's a weekend hiking trip with friends or a multi-week survival trip in the Amazon jungle, ESEE's gear has to be tough enough to withstand the worst of conditions, simple enough to use when called upon and light enough to not get left at home. Their tools have been designed around years of use in the field, as well as feedback from backpackers, military personnel and avid adventurers. As always, if they haven't tested and used it, then they don't sell it.

Made in the USA.
Size: 54mm x 108mm x 3.3mm (2.13” x 4.25” x .13”)
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