Deluxe 48Hour Bug Out Bag (1 Person)

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Single Person Deluxe 48hr Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bags - where preparedness meets peace of mind! 

Introducing our Deluxe 48hr Bug Out Bag, a comprehensive survival kit meticulously curated for one person to keep you safe through any crisis.  

Crafted to withstand the challenges of floods, bushfires, cyclones, and other emergencies, this deluxe grab-n-go bag is your essential companion in times of need. Packed with high-quality survival gear and provisions, it ensures you're prepared for anything that comes your way. 

From durable shelter solutions to nourishing food supplies and vital first aid equipment, our bug out bag has everything you need to survive and thrive during the critical first 48 hours of an emergency situation. 

Don't leave your safety to chance. Invest in our Deluxe 48hr Bug Out Bag and gain the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for the unexpected.  Just grab and go !

Additional supplies of food and water may be found here:      

Convar-7 Food Bar Expiry: 2039 (15 year shelf life).

Single Person Deluxe 48hr Grab-n-Go Bag

Please NOTE : AQUATABS only come in 1 strip of 10. NOT in a box as shown. 

Please NOTE : This kit may come with 1 Pair of Hand Warmers OR 1 Body Warmer depending upon availability.

This Kit Includes:

1 - Backpack 30L
1 - Box of Convar-7 NextGen Multivitamin Energy Ration Bar |  EXPIRY: 2039
1 - SSA Mylar Thermal Blanket
2 - 1 Litre of Puravai Long Life Water
3 - Surgical Mask (Single mask)
1 - 30m 550 Paracord Orange - Made in USA 
2 - SSA Emergency Glow Light Stick 12Hr
1 - SSA Basic medical kit including bag, plasters, cold pack, gauzes, tweezers, tape, wipes and bandage 
1 - Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets (1 Strip of 10) 
1 - UCO Survival Matches Pkt 
1 - SSA Emergency Whistle OD Green
1 - Signal Mirror and Compass
1 - SSA Linerlock Pocket Knife - Red Anodised Aluminium 
1 - Pair Leather Palm Riggers Gloves
2 - Hotteeze Hand Warmers (1 Heat Pad per Pack) OR 1 Body Warmer
1 - SSA Solar Hand Crank Radio
1 - SSA Emergency Poncho
1 - SSA Emergency Folding Stove
1 - SSA All Weather Emergency Survival Blanket

  • Backpack Dimensions: 46cm (H) x 36 (W)
  • Backpack Capacity: 30L
  • Colour: Black & Red
  • Overall Weight: 5.8kg
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