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Bite Away is a patented Medical Device for treating insect bites and stings. mosquitos, sand flies/midges, bees, wasps, flies, mites, chiggers, bedbugs, stinging nettle and jellyfish. It is designed to be effective on an=y insect bite or sting that has an histamine reaction.It is small and portable and easy to use and can be taken everywhere. Used as directed, Bite Away is safe for all the family, even pets. Bite Away is safe for people with allergies, pregnant women and epileptics. Safe to use for people with pacemakers and heart conditions.When applied immediately after sting Bite Away prevents or minimises the itching so that it becomes insignificant and prevents a subsequent swelling. When applied later, even after hours, the itching will be minimised immediately or will disappear. The swelling will go down more quickly.The device works on the purely natural effect of concentrated heat. This effect takes place as a local thermal treatment at the puncture/bite site. With the device reaching a temperature of 50C decomposing/denaturing the components on the insect poison and therefore preventing the histamine reaction. So the unpleasant consequences of any insect sting/bite can be immediately and permanently stopped.The technology behind Bite Away is an integrated microchip. This is located directly on the round heating surface. Device operates on a voltage of 2.3V-3.6V and runs on 2 AA batteries. When the device flashes 3 times or has 3 acoustic tones this indicates that the batteries are low and need replacing. The batteries are easily changed. There are basically two treatment times selectable, left button for 3 seconds for children, and those with sensitive skin, and right button for 6 seconds for adults. After pressing the button the device will heat up. Once the target temperature is reached, indicated by illumination of LED, treatment will remain controlled and constant (49C- 51C) throughout the treatment.
* Quality German Technology, manufactured and tested in Germany.
* Patented Medical Device
* TGA Approved (No. 223108)
* Dermatologically Tested
* Fully Insured underwriting by Lloyds of London
* 12 Months Warranty
* Uses 2 AA batteries, lasting 300-500 applications, then easily replaced
* Clinically tested
* Splash proof, easy to use and portable
* Relieves swelling, itching and pain of insect bites and stings
* Fully endorsed by German Lifeguard Association (DLRG)
* Sold over 200,000 in Europe in 2013
* Safe for use on worksites (does not produce a spark)
* Safe to use on all the family
* Safe for people with allergies, pregnancy, cancer, epilepsy, and pacemakers or heart condition.When treating Blue Bottle Jelly Fish Stings you need to treat each welt until pain subsides.Do not use on eyes, open wounds, or mucous membranes.
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