BCB Ultimate Survival Kit USA

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BCB Ultimate Survival Kit

Developed by UK survival equipment supplier BCB International this Ultimate Survival Kit consists of more than 24 essential survival items packed into the BCB lightweight mini mess tin (which can be used as a cup or cook pot) complete with a rubber seal and roll over clasps to make it watertight when closed.

The BCB International Ultimate Survival Kit was developed to be small enough to slip into your backpack, glovebox, or motorcycle pannier whilst still containing everything you need to stay alive in an emergency situation.


  • water bag
  • nylon cord
  • Flint and striker c/w compass
  • candle
  • tinder
  • fishing kit
  • mini multi-tool
  • matches
  • sewing kit
  • purification tablets
  • safety pins
  • single edge razor
  • salt sachets
  • signal mirror
  • whistle
  • snare wire
  • wire saw
  • grip lock bag
  • pencil
  • survival instructions
  • cable ties
  • micro torch
  • silicone tubing

  • Size : (L) 13cm x (W) 9.3cm x (H) 3cm
  • Weight : 275g

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