Advanced Survival A Guide The Self Reliance Revolution

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While self-reliance is often treated simply as a form of higher level survival preparedness, it is different in both psychology and execution.
Preparing and surviving imply a threat to life that must be endured in order to recover and rebuild as life was before the event.
While prepping is certainly key to getting through the serious threats of the twenty-first century, it will only get you so far.
True self-reliance depends on making it through whatever obstacle you face, but also takes you to an improved place once the crisis has passed.

Advanced Survival is a blueprint for the journey from dependence to independence, filled with practical how-to information and time-tested wisdom about food, water, shelter, medicine, sanitation, transportation, energy, home- and self-defense, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Learn what you need to know to get through any disaster . . . whenever it strikes.
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