Adjustable Cervical (Neck) Collar

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Adjustable Cervical (Neck) Extraction Collar

Moulded from high density polyethylene with foam padding and a patented chin support. Commonly used for cervical spine stabilisation this collar restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to promote patient recovery from either trauma, surgery or fractures/dislocations. The one-piece design enables efficient storage where space is limited. The multi-height adjustment fits almost all adults (four positions) and paediatrics (three positions).

The one-piece design can easily be used; simply measure patient, adjust and lock selected height and apply. Used to immobilise the neck, a cervical collar can also be used for the treatment of neck pain caused be acute trauma or chronic pain. Wearing a neck collar when needed can relieve pressure on nerves in the neck. For either a supine or seated position, application is quick and easy.
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene with Foam Padding
  • Size: Fits Adults and Children
  • One Piece Design
  • Multi-Height Adjustment: 4 Position & 3 Position
  • Manufacturer Number: ADTMSEX700
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