Silky Saw Warranty Terms & Conditions

Silky Saws are covered by Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty - but not on misuse.

Broken blades and poles are normally caused through misuse, ensure that the correct pressure is used on poles and blades. Only light pressure should be applied to the pull stroke not the push.

Silky Saws are made in Japan by UM Kogyo Inc which has been manufacturing saws since 1919. Unique technology and design has resulted in an extensive range of saws with superb cutting ability. Silky Saws cut as you pull the blade towards you. They DO NOT cut on the forward or push stroke! Cutting on the pull stroke requires less energy and gives more control over the action of the saw.

How to Use the Silky Saw Pull Technique

  • To get the best from your saw, use the teeth, not your strength. LET THE SAW DO THE WORK!
  • Always hold the branch securely.
  • Start cutting by lightly dragging the blade across the branch towards you.
  • Slide the blade forward. No cutting takes place on the forward stroke.
  • Repeat until the branch is cut.
  • Medium pressure on the pull stroke and simply slide the blade forward. Let the teeth of the saw do the work!


  • Remember Correct Pruning Techniques are important.
  • With larger branches always undercut first. If the saw blade ever becomes caught in a branch squeeze, always take the weight off the blade to free the saw.
  • Never wrench the handle fro side to side.

Caring for your Silky Saw

Silky Saws cut exceedingly fast and efficiently. To keep them this way we recommend that you wash your blades in warm soapy water to remove resin deposits. A build up of resin will make it harder and slower to cut and if additional force is applied during cutting, bending or breakage may result. We recommend spraying the blades with a lanolin based lubricant, for longer protection. A clean blade gives optimal cutting performance.