Survival Tabs Australia

Nutrient-Rich, Emergency Food Tablets

Survival Tabs specialises in producing lightweight survival foods and long-shelf life emergency foods. The company is best known for Survival Tabs – a compact, nutrient-dense emergency food solution initially developed for the Space Program Nutrition in the 1960s. These lightweight tablets are essential to any emergency kit, offering a reliable nutrition source when traditional food supplies are unavailable. Survival Tabs are excellent nutrient-packed survival rations formulated to provide 240 calories per tablet and 10+ years of shelf-life. The tabs are gluten-free and contain fifteen essential vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent outdoor adventure food supplement for hikers and avid explorers in Australia. Their compact size and premium packaging – a heavy-duty bottle – mean they can be easily carried in any survival kit or backpack. Shop Survival Tabs in different flavours at Survival Supplies Australia.

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