Survival Deluxe DENTAL Kit GRAB N GO

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Doom & Bloom's Grab n Go Deluxe Dental Kit™

Doom and Bloom's Deluxe Survival Dental Kit !
Everything you could possibly need for oral and dental care and emergencies when NO help is on the way.

From oral hygiene, gum treatment, dental pain, missing fillings, and extraction equipment. Doom & Bloom also include instructions with this kit ! Never has a dental kit been created with such extensive and complete items needed for your family's dental and oral health.

Dentists have said it is a perfect kit for dental emergencies when no dentist is available. As with all kits, please seek modern medical care if possible.

Ideal for those who travel, live or work remotely, and is a must-have kit for emergency preparedness (prepping).

Comes with the one and only "Where There is No Dentist" book for free.
All instruments are Stainless Steel construction
1x #150 Dental Extractor (Best for upper front teeth and premolars extraction)
1x #151 Dental Extractor (Best for Lower front teeth and premolars extraction)
1x #23 Dental Extractor (Best for Lower molars)
1x #53R Dental Extractor (Best for Upper right molars)
1x #53L Dental Extractor (Best for Upper left molars)
1x #12B Dental Elevator
1x #301 or #46 Dental Elevator (Pending availability at time)
1x Double Sided Spoon Excavator (For removal of tooth debris and decayed dentin from cavities)
1x Combo Metal Dental Pick/Scraper/Scaler (One sided instrument)
1x Metal Tweezer/Pickup
1x Metal Dental Mirror
1x Needle Holder
1x Small Scissors
1x Syringe Curved Tip 12ml (For irrigation purposes)
1x Hand Sanitizer
2x 4-0 Absorbable Suture
10x Earloop Face Masks Blue
1x Actel Hemostatic Gauze 2X2 (to help stop oral bleeding)
1x 4 OZ. Hydrogen Peroxide
2x Medium Erasers (For use as a dental bite block to keep patients from closing their mouths)
1x Organic Clove Bud Essential Oil (15 ml of eugenol to make temporary filling cement)
1x Zinc Oxide Powder Packet (For use with clove oil to make temporary filling cement)
10x Sterile Gauze 5x5cm
10x Alcohol Wipes
10x Betadine Wipes
50x Cotton Dental Pellets
50x Cotton Dental Rolls
10x Nitrile Gloves
10x Or More Dental Picks
1x Dental Floss
1x Wax Dental Stick
1x Oral Analgesic (Benzocaine) Or 10 Oral Analgesic Pain Relief Packets (pending availability at time)
1x Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
10x Pill Cups or Weighing Papers (For mixing zinc and clove oil)
20x Cotton Tip Applicators
10x Tongue Depressors
2x Toothbrushes
1x 3.5 OZ. Toothpaste
20x Generic Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets
1x Book "Where There is No Dentist"
All items packed in Plastic Zip bags inside a MIL SPEC Canvas Bag (Note colour may vary pending availability OD or Black)
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