Duke #11 Long Spring Foot Hold Trap

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Duke #11 Long Spring Foot Hold Trap 0320

The Duke Long Spring Trap is a robust and reliable foothold trap constructed from thick, high-quality steel, designed to withstand harsh conditions and ensure durability. Long spring traps have a long history in trapping and are known for their effectiveness in securing and restraining catches. The trap's design ensures that once an animal steps into it, the powerful springs snap shut, securely holding the animal by the foot. This minimises the risk of escape and injury to the animal, which is important for ethical trapping practices.

  • Brand : Duke
  • Material : 3mm thick steel with centre mounted chain
  • Frame : One piece construction
  • Animal : Rabbit or similar
  • Pan : One piece construction, rectangular style with crimped bolt and nut
  • Jaw Spread : 100mm
  • Chain : Number 2/0 double link with two swivel points, ring and drowner
  • Model Number : 11
  • Manufacturer Number : 0320
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