SSA Dragon's Breath Fero Rod & Striker (*SHORT*)

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The Dragon's Breath Ferro Rod & Striker

Introducing our Dragon's Breath Ferrocerium Rod and Striker – the ultimate fire making tool for any outdoor adventure. With an incredible shower of sparks that will light your tinder every time, this reliable ferro rod is designed to start a fire with any kind of tinder, from paracord and jute twine to hemp rope and wood slivers. With over 5000 strikes and the ability to work in any weather condition, the Dragon's Breath Ferrocerium Rod and Striker is a must-have for any survival kit or bushcraft gear.

Each Dragon's Breath Ferrocerium Rod comes in a ziplock mylar bag to prevent corrosion and oxidisation. The striker is designed for both left and right-handed bushcrafters and survivors, allowing for precise manipulation and spark making at the end of the rod. The long tactical cord lanyard makes it easy to carry your handy fire starting tool with you anywhere you go.

Don't settle for a subpar fire starter – upgrade to the Dragon's Breath Ferrocerium Rod and Striker today. And for those who need even more durability and longevity, check out the Dragon's Breath Heavy Duty Ferro Rod & Striker.

Where is This Product Made?

We wish we could say this was made from Australian components, but we cannot.
We do not manufacture ferrocerium rods in this country, nor are we able to stamp small steel units in relatively small batches (5000pcs) economically - IF an Australian manufacturer contacts us to help us make this in Australia, we will jump at the opportunity.

In the meantime:
The Ferro rod is manufactured in Europe to our exact specifications, this includes material composition and hardness.
The Striker is made in China.
The Cord is made in the USA.
Assembly is carried out in Western Australia by the SSA Team.

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