Mayday Industries

Your Trusted Partner in Disaster Preparedness

Established in 1990, Mayday Industries is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of over 1,400 unique disaster preparedness products, ensuring you are well-equipped in times of crisis. At Survival Supplies Australia, you will find an extensive range of Mayday Emergency Preparedness Supplies. Whether facing bushfires, severe storms, or unexpected emergencies, our selection of Mayday products, including the essential Mayday Emergency Drinking Water and Mayday Emergency Food Ration Packs, offers peace of mind and practical solutions. Mayday's products, such as Multi-Function Pocket Knife and Emergency Food Bars, are quintessential for any survival kit. Mayday's Emergency Light Sticks provide reliable, long-lasting light, indispensable in power outages or nighttime emergencies. Browse our selection at Survival Supplies Australia and embrace the confidence of being prepared.

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