Battarix Emergency SOS Phone Battery Charge Card 8-Year Life

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Credit Card Sized Emergency Phone Backup Battery Charger

Battarix is a portable single-use phone charger that comes in the form of a credit card. This Emergency SOS Phone Charge Card is designed to be a convenient and compact solution for emergency phone charging situations. The battery card has a built-in micro USB cable and an iPhone lightning adapter, allowing it to be compatible with a wide range of devices. To use it, you simply flip out the cable, plug it into your phone, and the charging process begins.

With a compact credit-card design of just 86 x 54 x 3.8mm and a weight of slightly over 25g, this pre-charged phone charge card power supply features 1600 mAh capacity for reliable and immediate power supply. Designed as a single-use device, this emergency phone charge card is the perfect emergency companion that you can always keep with you for added peace of mind.

Overall, it is a practical and handy solution for keeping your phone charged when you're on the go and don't have access to a power outlet. Whether you're preparing for an emergency or exploring the great outdoors, this credit card sized mobile phone charger has got you covered. The innovative emergency power supply is compatible with all modern iPhone and Android smartphones, but with a smart twist - it doesn't require their cables. Designed to be completely self-sufficient, each card comes with its own USBC Type-C and iPhone's lightning adapter, ensuring that you have the right connections when you need them the most.

With zero maintenance or cables required, this incredible back-up mobile phone charging card is hassle-free and offers an impressive up to 8-year shelf life with proper storage. Be ready for any situation and keep this magnificent emergency mobile phone charging device by your side for instant power supply, no matter where you are.

Battarix is a patented primary Li/MnO2 electrochemical battery cell designed for high discharge efficiency at a low discharge rate for power with unique advantages for use as a portable battery extension device over other portable power sources. The revolutionary configuration of Battarix's primary lithium metal cell employs structural characteristics and thermal dynamics that reduce internal resistance and increase discharge efficiency to allow high discharge efficiency. This technology not only facilitates long storage life and instant readiness, but also allows the cell to be small and thin enough to fit into a pocket or the credit card slot in a purse or wallet.

Please Note: Mobile phone pictured NOT included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an alternative to my phone charger?

No, this emergency SOS phone charge card is not an alternative to your phone charger. It is an emergency backup battery that you can use when your traditional phone charger is not available.

Is it rechargeable?

No, it is not rechargeable. It is a pre-powered backup battery that cannot be recharged once its energy has been depleted.

Is this phone charge card recyclable?

Yes, this phone charge card can be recycled at any certified battery electronics recycler that accepts batteries.

Is Battarix safe to carry on my person (in my wallet, pocket, or purse)?

Yes, this emergency phone charge card is safe to carry with you. All safety information is provided on the back of the packaging.

Can I stick this phone charge card on my phone and leave it there for emergency use?

It is recommended that you keep this charge card in its adhesive protector in your wallet or purse until you're ready to use it. Although the adhesive sticker can hold this card to your phone, it may become dislodged from the phone back if the phone is regularly moved to different locations.

Will the sticker hold if I take it on/off with each use?

The more frequently you remove and replace this charge card, the weaker the adhesive will become. If you only need a partial charge and want to reuse your phone charge card, it is recommended replacing the adhesive protective sticker to maintain maximum adherence capability.

What if I remove it to put it on another phone?

If you want to reuse a non-depleted phone charge card on another phone, gently move it to ensure it has sufficient adhesion to remain on the phone back.

If my phone battery dies entirely, will the Battarix emergency phone charge card power it back up?

Yes, it will, and Battarix will maintain a charge while connected for up to 3 hours. Charging time may vary depending on the quantity of apps and windows you are running, and make and model of the phone.

Can the Battarix phone charge card charge my laptop or other USB-C powered devices? If so, how long will the charge last?

Although it has a USB-C power adapter, it is not recommended using it for any other device than a mobile phone.

  • Dimensions: 8.6cm x 5.4cm x 0.38cm
  • Weight: 27g
  • Power/Nominal Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Output: 5 VDC / 500mA
  • Built-in Phone Charging Cables: USBC Type C + iPhone Lightning Adaptor
  • Suitable For: Android & Smart Phones (ONLY for Mobile Phone Charging)
  • Shelf Life: Up to 8 Years - Production date May-22
  • Usage: One Time Use/Disposable
  • Standards: UN38.3, CE, FCC
  • Quantity: 1 x Charge Card
  • Delivers up to 3 hours of power

Caring for Battarix

Optimal storage temperature for long term storage: Not more than 30°C.
Keep Battarix sealed in original packaging for long term storage.
Operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C

Your safety is our top priority. Store and use Batteries emergency charge cards the same way you'd use everyday batteries. Here are some essential battery safety tips to keep in mind:

Do not expose to high heat of 80°C or higher, open flames, or water.

Inspect before use: Before connecting batteries to any device, carefully inspect them for any signs of damage, leakage, or corrosion. Discard damaged batteries immediately and replace them with new ones.

Store batteries properly: When storing batteries, keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Avoid storing batteries in metal containers or near flammable materials.

Dispose or recycle batteries responsibly: When disposing of batteries, follow local regulations and guidelines. For an Australia-wide search of your local recycling programs or designated drop-off locations for safe battery disposal

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