AEGIS Paracord Wrapped Survival Kit Treestand

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AEGIS, Fire Water Survival, Paracord-Wrapped Survival Kit

Assembled by hand in the USA from the shop of Fire Water Survival in Monroe, GA. Every AEGIS Paracord-Wrapped Survival Kit is made with quality materials, mostly sourced from companies in the USA. Each AEGIS Paracord Wrapped Pocket Survival Kit weighs 102g to 113g and fits in the palm of your hand !

They are lightweight and compact for everyday carry. Every car, backpack, go-bag, day pack and hunter's pack needs one...or two.

  • Wrapping: 3.7m of 7 strand USA made 550 Paracord
  • Water Purification: 75ml collapsible Stainless Steel cup 10.16cm stainless wire holder included w/cup. Water filter (in form of coffee filter). The collapsed cup with cap is what gives the kit its unique round shape.
  • Fire Starting Kit: Magnesium Ferrocerium fire starter, hack saw blade striker / scraper, 20cm jute twine (tinder) and 30cm nylon cord (lanyard). All Made in USA
  • Cutting Tool: single edge razor blade (secondary striker for fire starter). Made in USA
  • Fishing Kit: 3.7m of 3.6kg test fishing line, #6 and #4 bait hooks, cork (pre drilled), 2 re-usable fishing line weights.
  • Waterproof Instructions: Printed instructions on a coffee filter, all waterproof ink. Provides directions for fire starting and kit uses. Cordage and Wire: 3.7m of 7 strand 550 Paracord (wrapping for kit), 60cm of 22 gauge Stainless Steel wire (for hanging cup, trapping, general use).
  • Small Carabiner for clipping survivor kit to bags, etc (NOT FOR CLIMBING, but you knew that)
  • A palm full of awesome
Overall Weight: 102g to 113g
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